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Privacy-Enhancing Technologies

Enabling innovation without increasing privacy, security and risk concerns

Who We Are

The Privacy-Enhancing Technology Series is the world’s first and only platform covering the potential of privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs). We bring together data and privacy innovation professionals from a wide range of enterprises, PET providers, investors, system integrators, hyperscalers, and policymakers. Key decision-makers will discuss how PETs can enable organizations to overcome the constraints of accessing and using sensitive data for innovation, create enterprise value, and mitigate risks by keeping data-in-use secure. We focus on real-world PET use cases, including examples from the banking, insurance, FinTech, healthcare, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, media & advertising, government sectors, and more.

What Next?
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Addressing Critical Industry Needs

Step into a world of opportunity with the Privacy-Enhancing Technology Summit Series. As data-driven organisations move from the digital privacy stage, and step into the private compute and data partnerships era, we offer numerous engagement opportunities for our vibrant data innovation community to unite and address its most pressing needs. Whether you're defining use cases for the application of PETs in industry, or looking to incorporate privacy into your existing products, our diverse range of campaigns is your compass on the path to commercial success.

  • Use PETs as part of an innovative and risk-averse data strategy.
    1. Tune into our webinar series. Discover how to maximize ROI from data privacy projects with Anonos through their webinar on…
    2. Discuss opportunities for cross-border and cross-silo collaboration with international companies and regulatory bodies attending the PET Summits across Europe, North America, and Asia-Pacific
  • Achieve cost-effective and scalable regulatory compliance.
    1. Learn how Payrails was able to revolutionize business scalability in a dynamic regulatory landscape by tuning into the webinar hosted by Skyflow
    2. Get an understanding of the Newest Guidelines, Reports, and Global Sandbox Projects from the FCA, ICO, OFCOM, CDEI, European Commission, OSTP, NIST, FINTRAC, IMDA, PDPC, The US Open Government Initiative, and The Royal Society.  Meet the regulators and institutions shaping the standards, mandates, and governance frameworks for the implementation of privacy technology in Europe, North America, and Asia-Pacific.
  • Maximize the utility of currently used data and unlock the true value of highly sensitive data.
    1. Address a senior faculty of experts on how technologies, such as Confidential Computing, TEEs, Data Privacy Vaults, MPC, FHE, Federated Learning, and Differential Privacy, are transforming the industry today and what it means for you. Our PET Summits move beyond theoretical discussions, offering a deep dive into the tangible impacts and real-world applications of PETs today. 
    2. Discover how to maximize ROI from data privacy projects with Anonos through their webinar on…
  • Learn from recent data projects, identify successful use cases, measure ROI, and overcome challenges during implementation.
    1. Join our interactive innovation showcases at the PET Summits.  Learn from implementations and POCs in highly regulated industries such as Finance, Healthcare, Telcom, Media & Advertising.  These PET Summit sessions are designed to help you understand the various instances where privacy-enhancing technology is utilized.
    2. Delve into our E-Newsletter, content, and interviews with Thought Leaders from the data and privacy innovation community.  Listen to people such as Vikas Bhatia of Microsoft and Jonas De Troy of Proximus talk about how they overcame the challenges of data sovereignty and end-to-end data protection at a major Telco.

Privacy-Enhancing Technology Series 2024 Calendar

Unlock a world of possibilities in 2024 with our extensive lineup of community offerings. Our calendar is brimming with a rich array of opportunities designed to address your critical needs comprehensively. Dive into our engaging webinars, where industry experts share their insights and knowledge. Stay informed and inspired with our thoughtfully curated newsletters, delivering the latest updates directly to your inbox. And for those who value in-person connections, we invite you to join us at our exclusive events and summits, where you can network with like-minded professionals and gain valuable insights.

Who You Will Meet

Here's a snapshot at some of the attendees we've attracted at our previous Privacy-Enhancing Technology Summits. 

  • Organizations processing highly sensitive data

    Our community consists of senior data privacy professionals stemming from a diverse range of industries including banking, financial services, regulatory, tech, life sciences, healthcare, and more. 


    Organizations Processing Highly Sensitive Data

    What our attendees say

    Very informative and fascinating insight into how privacy enhancing technologies, particularly cryptography and synthetic data have evolved and are being utilised. Great to see a broad community of lawyers, DPOs, CISOs, CDOs and CTOs at a privacy focused event. Global Data Protection Officer, Booking Holdings

    It was great to hear from industry peers and regulators the about the need for PETs. The best thing was the good balance of tech providing vendors and industry leaders sharing their thoughts during two days event. Group Digital Risk Manager, Legal and General

    I came to the conference not knowing much about PETs or their potential use or value. I came away knowing much more, heard many rich discussions and new thinking on how they might be applied in my own business area. Senior Data Privacy Technical Lead, Roche

  • Privacy enhancing technology providers

    Our privacy-enhancing technology provider community showcase how to utilise, protect, and
    optimise data. We´ll provide them with a paltform to uncover the challenges
    that organisations are facing with data-in-use and allow them to propose solutions for better privacy and therefore better value from data. 


    Privacy-Enhancing Technology Providers

    What our attendees say

    The event for me reinforced the potential of the technologies in this space, and it was extremely interesting to hear other participants’ perspectives on the problem statement and related challenges.” CEO, DEVR Inc.

    The overall strong literacy of the participants allows to start the discussions on a high level and go more in-depth, this facilitates the exchange enormously. Founder & CEO, Syntheticus

    A great place to meet leaders and practitioners in cutting edge privacy enhancing technologies - especially to learn about the real deployments over the science experiments. Vice President of Product, ANJUNA

  • Saas, cloud services & database providers

    We give a platform to this area of our community to stay competitive, foster trust, and continuously improving their services to meet the evolving needs of their clients and the industry.


    SaaS, Cloud Services & Database Providers

    What our attendees say
  • Government, academics & research institutions

    Our Government, academic/research presence contributes to the collective understanding of data protection to stay informed, ensuring that their policies, research, and practices align with the latest developments in this rapidly evolving field.


    Government Academics & Research Institutions

  • Investors

    Our investor community spot promising ventures, understand market dynamics, mitigate risks, and forge connections within the industry. It's not just about financial gains but also about staying informed and contributing to the growth and development of the sector.



    What our attendees say

    It was great to hear from industry peers and regulators the about the need for PETs. The best thing was the good balance of tech providing vendors and industry leaders sharing their thoughts during two days event. Group Digital Risk Manager, Legal and General

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